Best 9apps For Smartphones

We live in era of modern technology. Now-a-days smartphones are our basic need. Every user of this technology is looking for best available apps on board. Here is our list of best 9apps for your smartphone which can be downloaded from Google Play.


1.GPS NAVIGATION BE-ON-ROAD : Stuck somewhere in no-internet zone or don’t have enough data to get your Google maps navigation kicking?? Well here is your savior Be On Road maps, this is an offline map, it is free to use and easy to use. You have to download a one time offline map which can be stored in external or internal memory.


*Turn by turn voice navigation.

*Free and paid maps are available.

*Track recording feature so that you never forget the path you take.

*Can tell your speed, altitude, direction.

2. Fox-it Mobile PDF : This is the best PDF reader in the market if you are a eBook friendly person. This is a free app . This beats other reader at the point that it user friendly and loads quickly.


* Cloud integration i.ë you can view PDF from your cloud platforms like Dropbox, drive etc.

* Search option in this app is unique and best in the category.

* It can repairs and reads broken and large PDF files.

*Helps you edit bookmarks and also comments.

3.Google Keep: This is the best free Note Taking app if you want to remember things as they flash on to your mind.


*Flexible layout i.ë you can choose between list and grid layouts.

*You can sync this app with Google Drive.

*You can set reminders about specific notes.

*You can save pics also as notes.

4.Ginger Keyboard: This is a free keyboard app which is available in market and is fast and elegant.


*Good word prediction and swipe feature.

*Loads quickly and does not hang.

*Available in 60+ languages.

*Has grammar check feature for typed words.

5.MyScript Stylus: This is a handwriting recognition keyboard app it is Free of cost.


*Supports many languages.

*Has good User interface.

*Has machine learning features to learn your handwriting and improve its recognition.
6.Cymera Photo Editor: This is a free Photo editor,Camera,Gallery app.


*Multiple modes in camera like burst mode, Flips, also can add effects while clicking the pics.

*Gallery features Face recognition, sort according to date and many good features.

*Editor with all the hand tools for editing the pics.

*Supports social networking.

7.Neutron Music Player: This is a free and Paid music player which is created by “extream audiophiles” which is sure to get you good music experience.


*Various Sound equalizer options.

*Good user interface & search feature.

*It Can play online songs or simply Songs streaming.

8.QPython: This is a Python IDE for smartphones, this is extremely helpful for students learning Python or professionals trying their code on a phone.


*Integrated terminal support.

*Can save python scripts in text format and run it later.

*Can add external python modules.

*Has inbuilt text editor.

9.Microsoft Outlook: This is the best mail client available for smartphone, and also it is developed by Microsoft team which provides good customer support.


*Multiple Email accounts can be simultaneously added.

*Supports Word and Office integration.

*Creation and forwarding of mails on the go.

*Supports G mail,outlook mail, yahoo mail and many other carriers.

So friends, thanks for taking your time to read my article. We know there are many other apps which should be on our 9apps list but i found these 9 apps has more powerful & great user experience.